Choreographed and Performed by Donna Carnow

Sound Score: Donna Carnow, Gesaffelstein

Refract was a solo performance that was one of two solos performed in the show Duality, put on by Reika McNish and Donna Carnow. Donna and Reika were both selected to participate in The Murphy Lab Interdisciplinary Program for Research & Creative Work for the spring semester of 2016. In this program they shadowed chemists working with gold nanocrystals under the guidance of Professor Murphy. In exchange, Donna and Reika created dance works inspired by and reflecting on their experience in the lab. The sound score is filled with sounds recorded over the months working in the lab. Choreographically, the piece explores abstracting and developing a series of very specific gestures, paralleling the fantastic power these microscopic crystals possess.

Performed at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts (Urbana, IL)

May, 2016