In my classes I work to create a positive, accepting workspace. I aim to build a community that understands the value of generosity, both with oneself and one's peers. together we foster growth by welcoming failure as an essential element of learning. without testing our boundaries, we will never know how to expand them.

I believe in challenge.

I believe in always working harder.

i believe in vulnerability.

i believe in sweat.


i believe in risk.

i believe falling down is the best way to rebound back up again. 

class descriptions


Contemporary pole is a dance-based pole class in which we learn and break down a piece of choreography that focuses on stringing together movement patterns that combine moving in and out of the floor, dance technique, and a variation of codified spins and strength-based movements on and around a static pole. This class offers strategies and techniques to improve and apply a dancer's strength, movement pick up, musicality, technical proficiency, performative qualities, and artistry.


Bend & Flex is an open-leveled class that offers a comprehensive and intense series of stretches that work to both activate and target specific muscle groups, increasing mobility in hips, shoulders, legs, and back. My responsibility as an instructor is to help each student safely explore and push their physical limitations to gain an increased level of flexibility without injury. Flexibility is a highly individualized practice, so every pose and exercise offers both modifications and advancements. If you are looking to get your splits, a backbend, or just increase your overall flexibility, Bend & Flex will help you achieve your bendy goals! 

modern dance technique

The purpose of my class is to herald the joy, vulnerability, strength, resilience, and fight we experience on a daily basis and let it live as a major driving component throughout. My classroom environment is one based on both community and generosity, encouraging everyone to be the best version of themselves. The structure of class shifts between improvisatory and choreographic, allowing each dancer to digest and explore the architecture of my class and make my movement vocabulary something of their own. Together we use imagery, explore visceral textures, push our athleticism, and create an environment in which we can navigate. My choreography is filled with swelling waves and bursts of momentum that continue to redirect and propel the body through space, using physical rigor as a means to fight, feel, expand, and discover.